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ikea shelf hack

IKEA shelf Makeover: White and Gold

I have been a much happier person since I discovered my love of white and gold.  I have four, yes you heard me FOUR of these grey LERBERG shelves from IKEA.  They are a great lightweight option for your home/office/bathroom, whatever.  I’ve used them in my old studio for years and they made the move to my new Music Therapy clinic. My only problem is, I’m trying to move away from all of the grey and dive into my new found color obsession.  Enter spray paint!  Gold and White!

bookshelf redo

The first step was to take them apart, which is super simple.  All you need is an allen wrench.  Then commence to spraying, making sure to get each side from every angle and let dry.  This is the hardest part – the waiting – I hate the waiting.

gold book shelf


gold book shelfgold and white book shelfOnce the pieces dry, touch up any spots that are not saturated with color and then flip over and paint the other side.  Wait more.  (Do not forget to paint the screws)

Once everything is dry, re-assemble the pieces and fill the shelves.  ikea hack shelf

Aah!  Isn’t that better?  It adds such a light airy feeling to the room.  So much brighter!  I love it!  Now, I have to do the same thing to its three brothers.

ikea hack shelfikea shelf hackikea shelf hack   Do you have a piece of furniture that suits your needs but not your style?  Hack that sucker!

Happy Hacking!

Smile big and Sing loud,



White and Gold…Behind the Times

So, I feel like my entire diy life has been a lie.  My whole life, I’ve been a silver girl, never opting for gold, always silver.  Perhaps subconsciously I thought it made me humble… heck, I don’t know.  What I do know is – I WAS WRONG!  Over the years, gold has found it’s way into my life, creeping in like a stray animal who knew he wasn’t really trusted yet – a gold bangle here/gold stud earrings/I did try my luck at gold leaf once.  But my silver-snob days are over.  I have officially boarded the Gold Express and I feel like an idiot for not doing it sooner. I mean REALLY!  What was my major malfunction?

Gold and white have to be THE classiest combination EVER!  So, I must get more of the two in my life, ASAP.  My immediate plans include a desk lamp, and a book shelf (or three).  Here’s a sneak peek…gold book shelf

Are you biting your fingernails in suspense?

Smile big and Sing loud,