White and Gold…Behind the Times

So, I feel like my entire diy life has been a lie.  My whole life, I’ve been a silver girl, never opting for gold, always silver.  Perhaps subconsciously I thought it made me humble… heck, I don’t know.  What I do know is – I WAS WRONG!  Over the years, gold has found it’s way into my life, creeping in like a stray animal who knew he wasn’t really trusted yet – a gold bangle here/gold stud earrings/I did try my luck at gold leaf once.  But my silver-snob days are over.  I have officially boarded the Gold Express and I feel like an idiot for not doing it sooner. I mean REALLY!  What was my major malfunction?

Gold and white have to be THE classiest combination EVER!  So, I must get more of the two in my life, ASAP.  My immediate plans include a desk lamp, and a book shelf (or three).  Here’s a sneak peek…gold book shelf

Are you biting your fingernails in suspense?

Smile big and Sing loud,


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