glittered lamp

Glam it up Lamp

Look at this great little lamp.


I wonder if I can make it greater.   Paint?  Obviously.  Glitter?  Definitely.  Da da da dum.


Now isn’t that better?

I started by taking the shade off and removing the bulb.  I then spray painted the base.

While the base was drying, I painted the INSIDE of the shade with Elmer’s school glue and you guessed it – glittered that bad boy.  Two huge globs of glue on my carpet and 962,473,862 pieces of glitter later and BINGO!


It gives off such a nice glow.  The glitter shows through the shade a bit, but I’ll have to worry about that another day.


Do yourself a favor and buy a bottle of gold glitter.  It even looks pretty on carpet, which is a good thing, because today is not vacuum day.

Smile big and Sing loud!


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